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You can download MDP TV app directly click here.

Why use Match Day Pass?


We have excellent speeds so you can keep up with things as they happen, in real time- no delay!


This isn’t YouTube! Our stream is optimised so that you won’t ever get buffering during a tense moment!


We cover matches and leagues that paid TV providers don’t! Watch who you want, wherever they are!


Our plans won’t break the bank, and our streams won’t chew through all your data!

No Ads!

When we said don’t miss a thing, we meant it! Absolutely no ads will interrupt your viewing experience!


Log in from absolutely anywhere, all over the world! Leave the couch behind!


Get a complete match list report- be the most up to date on who plays where!


We aren’t discerning when it comes to brand loyalty- watch your sport on any device!

We provide coverage for these leagues:

Pairing Your Account

To pair your devices, you will need an Android Box or use a TV that runs on Android. A good way to determine if your TV runs on Android is to see if it has the PlayStore logo on the app list.

- Download the MDP TV app from the Google Playstore onto your Android  box or your Android SmartTV.

- Start the app on your Android TV and look for the pairing code.

- Enter the code shown by your TV into the box above and click “Pair Now”.

- Your app will be linked to your account and you can now watch matches  and 24 hour channels on your TV.

Contact and Support

If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team at [email protected].